What It Takes To Be One

Tariq Ba Odah has himself described force feeding sessions. For example:

“I was tortured with the restraining chair when they were filling my belly with two packs of Ensure [liquid nutrition] and it felt like waterboarding, yet here it was with Ensure and all my limbs are restrained to the chair and the air conditioner is over my head blowing freezing cold air, in addition to my soaked clothes from wetting myself and vomiting by virtue of the large amounts of ensure, mixed with water and laxatives, which were given to me. There would be vomit all over the floor. They would introduce a 14 size tube with a metal end inside my nose to reach my stomach and sometimes my lungs and when they would take it out it would be filled with blood….”

Never charged. Weighed 75 pounds. Died in prison. Did I mention? Never charged.
Applying stricter standards when it comes to National Security is not the problem. No debate there. The problem is, even the strictest laws have their basis on the fundamental rules. Before calling it a free country, study what it takes to be one.

#fightforhumans #amnestyinternational

Read more and make a difference: http://blog.amnestyusa.org/us/dont-let-tariq-ba-odah-die-at-guantanamo/


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