When Elephants Fight, it’s the Grass that Gets Trampled On

When we consider the victims of war, it’s not always the soldiers that have experienced their worst nightmares. The proverb, “when elephants fight, it’s the grass that gets trampled on” is used to portray the war from a different perspective – form the innocent and the powerless children. While browsing through the Amnesty International website, I read a heart wrenching  article about the displaced children who were separated from their beloved families.

“The families are desperate to be reunited with their children. Not only have they experienced the traumatic journey to the border and the use of force by the police – they have now lost the security of being with their parents. The Hungarian authorities must immediately hand these children over to their families.”
– Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s Crisis Response Director

As refugees surged forward and broke through border fences, the police ensued panic and terror by spraying pepper spray, which led to helpless women and children lying around the streets, completely vulnerable to the chaos.

In addition, Amnesty International mentions how they saw the Hungarian police walk up to another father of two of the children aged six and eight, who was seeking assistance to help locate them. The police pushed him and a UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) staff member and prodded them with a baton in their backs.

What have these children done? Imagine being separated from the arms of your family members as an infant.

We must provide as much aid and assistance as we can to help those who have lost the meaning in life.


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