Black Lives Matter – All Lives Matter?

Response to “Rand Paul on Black Lives Matter”:¬† Of course all lives matter…but you can’t be a free-thinking, rational and honest person and believe that blacks specifically, and all minorities to varying degrees are not targeted, judged, discriminated against and abused far more than whites. I’m an Asian middle class female from a decent sized … More Black Lives Matter – All Lives Matter?

Regarding Donald Trump’s Remark On Harvard Student’s Question

It’s not that Trump does not hold a point. In America’s perspective, what Donald Trump is asserting about trimming the non-urgent expenses is something to consider. Whether or not the US military spendings on the Korean peninsula falls under the category of non-urgent, is a different debate. However, this speech once again clarifies why Donald … More Regarding Donald Trump’s Remark On Harvard Student’s Question

Sign this Petition Now. Let’s Take Action

Arrested for speaking up to the atrocities the supposed “president” inflicted on his own people, and has never been seen since. How do we expect change and evolution when politics that exists to guard people’s inalienable rights is the one that discloses foul power struggles? Aster Fissehatsion was the only woman among 11 political leaders … More Sign this Petition Now. Let’s Take Action

Remember the Unforgettable – Oct. 03

Written earlier on October 3rd: Today, we remember all the lives lost in the Mediterranean since the first big shipwreck exactly two years ago. Sign our petition – together, we can tell EU leaders that giving refugees safe routes to sanctuary will save lives: Probably the greatest refugee crisis we are facing around the … More Remember the Unforgettable – Oct. 03

We’re Prone to Drones

“We can’t kill all those people.” “You’re right, sir. We can’t kill civilians.” “Unless….” Where does the US government see its legitimacy to “serve as the world police” and intervene in other international law violations when the US is the one involved in war crimes? Urgent inquiry into Obama’s drone use is in order!

Women In Civil Society

Diplomacy for diplomacy’s sake. What’s bad inside shows on the skin soon enough. Governments across the world pretend they are taking steps to bring gender equality. However these announcements are restricted to diplomatic conventions only. On the ground the inequality is very high. Patriarchy it seems is so much imbibed in every culture that politicians … More Women In Civil Society