Negligence Kills

There are too many crises to pay attention to. But it is our duty to remember all, because negligence has killed, is killing, and will kill.

The world never had a chance to forget about Yemen, because most of us haven’t been informed about it in the first place. Why? Because the perpetrators of the carnage and wanton destruction are what the United States and their allies want us to think of as the “good guys” – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc. All countries with appalling human rights records. These nations are being allowed to carry on what is essentially a tribal religious war, as the powerful nations of the world turn a blind eye. The media narrative focuses on Iran, a far less concerning country (although still pretty bad) because that’s the one that we’re “supposed” to hate – Axis of Evil, and all that tripe. We’ve conveniently ignored the fact that Saudi Arabia and its vassals have been far more active in directly or indirectly supporting extremists and terrorist groups in the region (and beyond) for decades, and now we ignore this as well. Worst of all, the United States is helping Saudi Arabia with arms and money.
If the Gulf nations had put this much effort into fighting ISIL in the beginning, the region would perhaps have looked a lot better by this point. Instead, they go after what is essentially a group of rag-tag Shia rebels in Yemen, who managed to depose a Saudi-sponsored dictator and another subsequent puppet Government, in collaboration with pro-democracy campaigners and with massive public opposition to the then Government. Saudi never bothered with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula before this, but the Shia Houthis are apparently the real threat. Granted, the Houthis are now themselves guilty of a number of war crimes and are known for their open antisemitism, but the Saudi coalition has done far greater damage to the nation through its bombing campaigns. It’s the bad guys against the worse guys at this point. And it’s only the “Arab Spring” if your neighbours approve, apparently. Remember that the Saudi military “temporarily occupied” Bahrain as well, to stop the largely Shia pro-democracy movement there. Thankfully, it didn’t devolve into this…

From a moral perspective, the support of Saudi Arabia by Western powers is unconscionable. The situation in Yemen requires international opposition and the implementation of sanctions, more than anything else right now. But the call of oil revenue is apparently far louder than the sound of cities being levelled by Saudi cluster bombs.

Has the world forgotten about Yemen? Over 400 children killed in the war so far:
Has the world forgotten about Yemen? Over 400 children killed in the war so far:

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