The Speech that Touched Millions

They say diplomacy requires strong, asserting stance and smooth articulations to turn the tables around to best profit the respective country. That the delegates must remain cold-headed at all times, because that’s how successful lobbies win clauses to the nation’s advantage.
But let us not forget why we convene in the face of crises, why about 70 years ago and henceforth, we saw fit to found and maintain a global organization to guard the international justice. We are citizens of the world in this era; we have been for quite some time, despite some people’s apparent pouting. Competent diplomats today are sharp, cold-headed, and keen. But those (or heck, PEOPLE) who make a difference are compassionate, empathetic, and warm-hearted. They refuse to get mired into the easy temptation of becoming stoic, aloof, and utilitarian, and fight with honor; they gladly bear the cross that people regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality, should collectively bear – the cross that the glowing word HUMANS is carved on.

Watch South Korean Ambassador, Mr. Oh Joon's full speech here:
Watch South Korean Ambassador, Mr. Oh Joon’s full speech here:

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