Regarding Donald Trump’s Remark On Harvard Student’s Question

It’s not that Trump does not hold a point. In America’s perspective, what Donald Trump is asserting about trimming the non-urgent expenses is something to consider. Whether or not the US military spendings on the Korean peninsula falls under the category of non-urgent, is a different debate. However, this speech once again clarifies why Donald Trump can never be, and never should be the president of United States of America, the supposed world police, the leader. To a valid point raised by a Harvard student, Trump doesn’t counter the statement with an intelligent thought. Shame on him for failing to overcome the instant humiliation that a young and brilliant mind (who studies in one of the best institutions in HIS country) is challenging him, and ending up coming back at the student with an obnoxious, vulgar question “Are you Korean?” And Kudos to the student who kept his pokerface saying that his nationality is not important when it comes to questioning a presidential candidate’s statement.

This is a presidential run. The president of America holds possibly the most power in not only the US politics, but also the world’s. We need a leader. A role model. Not Donald Trump, a business man who lacks communication skills.

Watch the full video:


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