Black Lives Matter – All Lives Matter?

Response to “Rand Paul on Black Lives Matter”:

Of course all lives matter…but you can’t be a free-thinking, rational and honest person and believe that blacks specifically, and all minorities to varying degrees are not targeted, judged, discriminated against and abused far more than whites. I’m an Asian middle class female from a decent sized town with probably a 98% Asian population. But my parents raised me to think for myself, to research the facts, to draw correlations between the past and the present.

On the other hand, White Americans have suppressed and exploited everyone else we have ever come in contact with. In our country and across the world. Not all of us agree with what has and continues to be done to those groups. Many of us are trying to fight against it, to find some way to correct what we can. But all of us, good whites bad whites and all other groups will eventually pay in some way for the crimes against humans that have been done in the name of Freedom and America. Many innocents will die, because the American Government has created ISIS, and various other terrorist organizations by consistently exploiting other countries. Innocent Americans will die when various people and groups within America chose violence to express their disgust. I don’t support violence-but it exists, and innocent people will die because of the way much of this country treats people who are “different”. All will reap what some have sown. I learned that in elementary school, sometimes the entire class gets punished for the misbehavior of a few. I hope the future will learn from the past, but the present is rewriting textbooks to disguise truth. Honestly. Rewriting History. Might sound vaguely familiar…Hitler, North Korea come to mind. No, I don’t have much interaction with other races and ethnicities-simply because of my location. But I was taught that Jesus loves all of us the same…so I try to do the same.


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