Facebook asked me if I would like to change my profile picture in support of those in Paris. I thought yes, I would like to support those who have been killed for none other than hate, intolerance and cruelty. But hold up Facebook, I think I have a better filter for you. Nigeria- January 2015. … More #PrayForAll

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Address

The first Syrian refugee family fleeing from the current crisis settled in New Haven today after Indiana’s governor at the last minute joined too many other governors in closing their doors to those most in need. I’m glad New Haven and CT immediately welcomed the family in, and hopefully more to come. http://www.nytimes.com/…/11th-hour-detour-puts-family-in-co… “We are … More Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Address


I was very upset to see Governor Rick Snyder claiming that he would put an end to Syrian refugees being resettled in Michigan. First, I don’t know how Snyder plans on prohibiting the resettlement of refugees without violating federal law. The State Department, not Rick Snyder, enforces U.S. immigration policy and resettles refugees through the … More Shame