Bangladesh: Horrific Pattern of Violence Against Freedom of Expression

As I scrolled through the homepage of, I could see most of the students getting ready to attend the Halloween Dance Party through my peripherals – girls putting more than enough makeup on their faces and boys adjusting their snapback hats while stuffing themselves with Snicker bars – but this made me realise: people around the world were being stripped from voicing their freedom and fundamental human rights, while I was sitting in the library, letting the guilt eat me alive.

Just a few days ago, the brutal attacks against two publishers of secular writers in Bangladesh became a controversial issue, as it became an evidence of the horrific pattern of violence against people exercising their freedom of expression in the nation. Abbas Faiz, Bangladesh Researcher at Amnesty International stated, “The situation in Bangladesh is becoming increasingly dangerous for those brave enough to speak their own minds. The latest heinous criminal attacks are a deliberate assault against freedom of expression in the country.”

So what happens next? What can be done to further prevent such tragedies? Despite the government’s responsibility to do everything possible to bring justice, there’s one thing I’m certain about – that the impunity must end here.


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