Fear and Grief in Paris – 153 people killed in six terror attacks

Today was one of those days where we truly see the world as it is, and not as we hope it to be. Death threats at Oxy. Fugitives on the loose later on York and Figueroa. Earthquakes in Japan and Mexico, bombings in Beirut and Baghdad. Finally, terror attacks in Paris. There are probably countless more incidents around the world that fail to garner the media’s attention. This world is broken and often times it seems like there is no hope. Today is one of those days where I can honestly say that my faith will and has been tested. Yet I know, He is sovereign, and He rules above all. He will seek justice and peace.

My heart goes out to all the people in paris and the innocent muslims that have to endure the backlash and extreme islamophobia as a result of these attacks.

I pray for the victims and the victims’ families around the world. I pray for lives lost, and lives now broken. I pray for my family, friends and peers and I thank God that they are safe. Most of all, I pray that one day it will be “on Earth as it is in Heaven”.


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