Trump’s response to the terror in France

What Donald Trump has been saying about arming the people of France is ignorant and incorrect. Let’s imagine this event had occurred in a concert hall in the United States — terrorists with guns and explosive belts walk in and start shooting everyone. Keep in mind that many concerts and clubs do not permit the carrying of weapons into these places. Furthermore, even if they did and you see them carrying automatic weapons shooting down everyone they see, would your reaction really be to challenge them and paint yourself as their next target? I doubt it. I think untrained people with guns would duck/hide/run. Let’s talk about this from the standpoint of the police. If Donald Trump suggests that people who were nearby could’ve been involved in preventing the continuation of this massacre, what would the police do when they show up? They’ll see both terrorists and civilians dressed like civilians shooting and what would their response be? Innocent people may die in the line of fire? I think Donald Trump needs to stop trying to apply everything that’s going on. It doesn’t help him. There are many instances where Republicans make good arguments for why carrying is the right way to go and why gun control isn’t the best way forward. This is not one of them. As a person concerned with the future of United States, I urge supporters of Donald Trump to wake up and realise what he’s really saying. I urge Republicans to consider their choices.


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