Facebook asked me if I would like to change my profile picture in support of those in Paris. I thought yes, I would like to support those who have been killed for none other than hate, intolerance and cruelty. But hold up Facebook, I think I have a better filter for you.

Nigeria- January 2015. The murder of up to 2000 civilians in Baga.

Media coverage: The headlines scrolling at the bottom of the screen whilst we watched the pursuit of the Charlie Hebdo killers.

Facebook filter: None

Syria- Death toll: 250 000+

Facebook filter: None

Kenya: April 2015. Gunmen storm Garissa University college killing 147 and injuring 79 or more.

Facebook filter: None

Lebanon: November 14th. Twin bomb attacks injuring more than 200 and killing at least 43.

Facebook filter: None

France: Paris bombings and shootings. At least 128 people dead

Facebook filter: Check

Burundi: Ongoing violence and genocide. Hundreds killed since April 2015

Facebook filter: None

I unapologetically refuse to hold the lives of some higher than I do others and I refuse to selectively mourn the lives of human beings.

I pray for all. I pray for humanity.Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.56.54 AM.png


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