Reaching a Global Agreement in Paris

Climate change poses a significant threat to our planet, and it will take a global effort to address it.

This week, the leaders of almost 200 countries are headed to Paris to stand in solidarity with the French people after the attacks, and to work together to protect our future by reaching a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions that are fueling climate change. President Obama will be there – and he took to his Facebook page to explain why.


There’s no “silver bullet” that will solve climate change. But, under President Obama, the U.S. has taken critical steps to curb our carbon emissions, and more than 180 countries have joined us – both the ones that emit the most and the ones most at risk – to announce their own climate plans.

It’s important that we keep up this momentum, because now is the time to act. If we don’t, Americans across the country will continue to suffer the consequences of climate change, from more intense heatwaves and superstorms to rising sea levels and threats to public health.



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