Who is Suitable to Become the Next President?

At this point, it is evident that Donald Trump knows that he does not stand a chance to become the next President of United States of America. But he’s a businessman. Any press is better than no press, and he knows it. And it’s atrocious and obnoxious how he’s taking advantage of his stand so that the whole continent — heck who am I kidding, the world — sees and hears Trump presenting those bigoted, crude, and derogatory (at best) statements to spotlight himself and his empire; after all, he is now certainly the face of his business — no supermodel, no pop star could sell better than he (sorry Miranda Kerr). Nice (for the lack of better word) sales, Trump, but that’s all you are. A businessman. In case it isn’t as clear as I’d hope it is: you are not a leader, which is why in no way you could lead this nation where I call my other home. You could not “serve” America, let alone the world (and yes, shocker! Serving the world and humanity is a part of your job as a fine leader… or did I say leader? I meant to say a person). You could not, over your own dead body, “father” a country which is as marred with millions of socially persecuted minorities as it is decorated with championed economic and political strength. And if by any slightest, slimmest, remotest chance you do get elected, well then America, we have some work to do. Apparently, we are dumber than we think.

This type of bigoted scapegoating flies in the face of equality and has NO place in a society committed to freedom from discrimination”



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