What’s Wrong with the Media?

Listen up. Yyeopdeok is a Korean restaurant renowned for its heartwarming meal (Korea’s epitome of spicy food – tteokbokki) that brings people together after a long exhausting day. Just a few days ago, we had a Basketball match, and yyeopdeok has allowed my friends and I to regain our strengths which helped us build our teamwork. Yes, indeed, eating Yyeopdeok leads to side effects, such as having to use the bathroom every 5 minutes, but it is absurd to see how people are blaming the innocent owners of Yyeopdeok for their weak digestive system. People have got to start realising and distinguishing what’s real and what’s not. The fact that we cannot identify the truth and the lies in our messed up media today is absurd and extremely disappointing. Think about it – where do you think the addictive spiciness came from? Certainly not from rotten garlic, I can tell you that – it’s just not possible. My dear friends from around the world – you will all be the living proofs of this unjust accusation.
So stop scrolling down your Facebook, Instagram and other social networking posts of fashion tips, cute animal videos, and highlights of a soccer match and spread the word, as it would mean a lot to me. This is a personal matter that involves my closest, dear friends that have become victims of this cruel accusation. ‪#‎yyeopdeoklove‬ ‪#‎spreadtheword‬‪#‎unjustaccusation‬


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