A Letter to Daddy

Click Here to watch this visceral and chilling video of how the world is not safe for women.

Here are some parts of the video:

“Dear Daddy,

I wanted to thank you for looking after me so well even though I’m not yet born. I know you already try harder than Superman but I need to ask you a favor – it’s about boys.

Because you see, I will be born a girl which means by the time I’m 14, the boys in my class will have called me a whore, a bitch, a cunt, and many other things. It’s just for fun, of course, so I understand that.

Perhaps you did the same when you were young. Trying to impress some of the other boys. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it. Still, some of the people won’t get the joke. So by the time I turn 16, a couple of the boys will have snuck their hands down my pants while I’m so drunk I can’t even stand straight. And although I say no, they just laugh. It’s funny, right? If you saw me, Daddy, you would be so ashamed … because I’m wasted. No wonder I’m raped when I’m 21…”

“A new society that is as safe for women as it is for men is possible. But everyone has to work together to make it happen. Dads everywhere need to see this. Daughters everywhere need to see this. But so do sons and mothers. Make sure they do.”


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