Merry Christmas

Nod your head if 2015 went exactly as planned. I’m pretty sure the only nodding that just happened was your head dropping down to your chest and letting out a big sigh.

Yeah, me neither! I was sure 2015 was going to be THE year where I accomplished or at least set off on my biggest life dreams. Instead I spent 90% of the year on the couch with an ice pack on my head trying to balance my migraines alongside my mental health.

After a day of spending Christmas with my family, I’ve realised that despite the number of people surrounding you, loneliness is like a piece of gum stuck to your hair, refusing to let you free.

I’ve been struggling with depression for about a year now, and I’ve tried numerous treatments including therapy (LOTS of it), antibiotics, exercising, sleeping in, and so on. But not much has changed.

That’s the way it goes, sometimes, or a lot of the time. But that’s okay because we get second chances, and third chances, and fourth. Pretty much the only thing we have to do at any given time is survive, and if we can do that then there’s hope for tomorrow. There’s hope for 2016 and it most likely won’t go according to plan. You never know, it might be the best year we’ve ever had. We have no clue on what’s ahead of us and that’s okay. That’s what makes life fun.



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