Taiwanese Identity

I generally don’t post K-pop related content, but today I cannot just remain silent. Recently, a rising Taiwanese-born K-pop star Tzuyu, from the girl group TWICE, was accused by Chinese vocalist Huang An as a Taiwanese Independent Radical. He based his claims only on footages of her waving the Taiwanese flag on Korean television. This caused a lot of stir amongst the Chinese k-pop fan community.

JYP, the managing company for TWICE, not only revoked all of Tzuyu’s performance in China, but also forcefully have her film a apology video to her Chinese fans, stating that she respects the One China policy and that she is proud to be a “Chinese”.

I find this scandal completely absurd. I know that the situation between China and Taiwan is nothing new, but accusing a 16 year old girl of being an Independence radical on the mere fact that she waved the Taiwanese flag on K-television is just stupid.

Not only that, what JYP forced Tzuyu to do is despicable. This is part of the official statement from JY Park, the owner of JYP:

“I think that me and my company are at fault for not teaching her well in place of her parents. We’ll be putting a stop to all of Tzuyu’s promotions in China, and we will resolve the matter for any of our partners who’ve been affected”

Honestly, if JYP really cared about their singers, really concerned about their teachings, then they won’t humiliate their 16-year old rising star into filming a apology video, reading off a script, whilst looking pale white and shivering in embarrassment and fear. There was so many other ways you could have dealt this, but you had to use the harshest way just to appease to the money-making Chinese fans in China. This also highlights the issue of K-pop stars treated as nothing but profit-generating machines that K-pop managing companies exploit.

Sorry to all my K-pop friends who are a fan of JYP and the music that they produce. No doubt they can cultivate great talent, but I believe a company should treat its performers with at least a bit decency. Don’t usually use swear words, but JYP – stop being China’s little bitch, or at least don’t do it so openly. Now we know what you truly value.


#Taiwanese #Identity #RestoreHumanity


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