Ranting on Art

“Why I will (probably) never take up design jobs again.
TLDR: I realized freelancers are disrespected and exploited.

As someone without certification or proper training in graphic design, I already have to set my prices low. I did some freelance work, and surprisingly my best client so far was some company where I didn’t know anyone there personally – no nitpicking, payment on time, very responsive.

Friends ask me for help occasionally, some personal work, school work, or outsourcing projects to me from their company. For the paid jobs, I am expected to cancel plans because instructions are so sudden and I have to pander to every whim (eg. Someone complained an element wasn’t horizontal enough, I had to send a screenshot with the Photoshop Ruler to show it was literally parallel to the surface of the Earth). It is more frustrating and annoying than difficult, really. The project was successful and everyone in the company loved it apparently. Great! Huge success! Except now they refuse to pay me and my point of contact is ignoring me. It’s $150. What’s it to a company? To me, it’s a lot, my family is doing pretty badly right now.

This is not the first time I have to chase for payment. I think it shows how little respect is shown to freelancers, especially artists. Just because I have no HR Dept to fight for me, unreasonable demands are thrown at me THEN I am ditched when it comes to payment. Even the random tedious brainless adhoc jobs I take treat me better than this.”

Reading this, I’ve stopped making art actually. It’s sad that regardless of how much time and effort I put into any art piece, no one is going to take me and my art seriously – even if they hired me in the first place. I’m sad that my interest lies in such a “useless” field. I agree with my friend’s endless ranting.


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