Disappointment with Taiwan

I feel like as a Taiwanese who’s spent pretty much my entire life calling Taiwan my home, I have a duty to speak up against what President Ma has been doing to our nation. Like any democratic nation, the duty of a president is to represent the people and act, not by his own interests, but the interests of the state. President Ma seems to have forgotten that he, along with his party, belong to a democratic nation. A nation that, for a long period of time, had a seat in the United Nations Security Council and stood for the right democratic ideologies. What President Ma is doing today is not justified.

People from China and elsewhere can try and justify this by saying that any president should have the right to meet with heads of other nations as President Obama does without congressional approval all the time. What they don’t realise is — using United States is a flawed example as it is not at war with any nation, and Obama certainly does not meet with those that United States is at war with. China and Taiwan has never signed a peace treaty nor have the people of either country ever fully recognised the legitimacy of one another. As such, like DPRK and ROK, we are still at war (or at the very least, not on friendly terms). You simply would not hear the president of ROK voluntarily trying to meet the leaders of DPRK without congressional approval.

Furthermore, let’s remember that President Ma still has the duty as a president, and, like it or not, he has to represent the nation’s interest while in this position and not act upon his own interests. To go out and meet with opposing presidents is not a something the Taiwanese people should take lightly as it is not in Taiwan’s best interest to unite with China anytime soon. The KMT party as a whole as well as many of their policies are flawed and corrupted — KMT advocates, just look at the amount of corruption cases that were revealed in the past months following the general election with the DPP’s landslide victory.

Mr. Ma, I have no respect for you nor do I approve of your ability to do your job. You have failed the people of Taiwan yet again. To think that a meeting with China’s Xi Jingping is likely to change anything has only enraged more Taiwanese people to act the opposite direction.

I’m sorry to those who support KMT, but your party’s former-leader is a shame to Taiwan and has brought nothing but negativity to the face of Taiwan in the international news.


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