2016 can be a year for change, if we want it.

It can sometimes feel as though our world is spinning off its axis. Conflict is escalating, fuelling the largest global refugee crisis since the Second World War. Discrimination against minority groups is rampant. Repressive regimes are ruthlessly cracking down on people who stand up for human rights.
We cannot hide the reality of the world we live in. But we can fight for the world we want.
This year, let’s join with people across the world who are rising in protest. Let’s say to our governments that 2016 is the year for justice.
Let’s tell them that they cannot talk about free speech and at the same time arrest peaceful protesters and dissenters. They cannot lecture about peace while being the world’s largest manufacturers of arms. And they cannot preach about human rights while denying refugees safe and legal ways to seek sanctuary abroad.
Whenever and wherever governments fail us, we must hold them to account. We must stand together and make sure no-one is left behind.
We have influence – let’s use it. We want justice – let’s make it happen in 2016.

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