China Balances Iran and Saudi Arabia

Although the two countries are increasing at odds, both diplomatically and on various battlefields, China is managing to maintain friendships with both regional powers. In a recent trip, China’s president increased ties with both countries simultaneously, in an interesting political move as China slowly gets more involved in Middle Eastern politics.

Reducing Lands, but Increasing Bombs?

Like Al-Shabaab (The rise of ISIS and Boko Haram has hurt more than their surroundings and US credibility, but also their East African competitor: Al-Shabaab. This article investigates how Al-Shabaab is evolving, and why that might mean more attacks are in Kenya’s future.) nearly a year ago, Boko Haram’s territory is now being successfully reduced … More Reducing Lands, but Increasing Bombs?

Next UN General?

Ban Ki-Moon is stepping down next year, and a new Secretary-General, only the ninth in the UN’s history, will be elected this year in September by the General Assembly. The position is rotated between the major regions in the world, and the next up is Eastern Europe. There are many candidates, and already two major … More Next UN General?