People with Albinism Face Constant Fear of Murder

“The mutilated body of Eunice Phiri, a 53-year-old woman with albinism, was found on January 28 in the Kasungu National Park. Her arms had been cut off – a practice common with ritual murders where people with albinism are killed for their body parts which are sold for use in witchcraft.”

Beauty is whatever we care to see in others. And when we fail to care, we fail to see. Laughable, how so many attractive people are disgustingly ugly as they dare to judge others’ incontrovertible beauty. As idiocy and blindness take over those who kill and threaten people with albinism, the world gets a little uglier. And as you and I –we– neglect to reprimand the perpetrators and embrace the victims, we too, become a little uglier. The world filled with so many beautiful and attractive people can turn out to be so hideous. Don’t let that happen.

Ritual murders & mutilations of people with albinism MUST end now.




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