Watching the US Presidential Race from Abroad

To the rest of the world, Donald Trump’s seemingly inexplicable (or, if you’re cynical and inclined to presume Americans are as stupid and racist as the stereotypes make out, perhaps not so surprising) popularity is the main story.

The worst fears of Democrats and the Defense Department have perhaps come true: Trump’s anti-Muslim statements have already been used in recruiting videos by Somalia’s Al-Shabaab.

Britain’s parliament is also debating whether, in the event of a Trump presidency, to ban him from the country. The video of the debate is hilarious, as much for the reasons for banning him as the reasons against. Spoiler alert, no one on either side of the debate is pro-Trump.

Even in China, the presidential race is a popular news item, not just on official sites, but also on social media. In fact, there is a group of students putting in a lot of time and effort into subtitling the debates into Chinese for their fellow Chinese to watch. In their own opinion, the Republican debates are more popular, if only because they’re more ridiculous.


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