What’s Going on in Brazil?

Brazil has been going through a bit of chaos recently, as the long-running investigation over corruption in Petrobas has new twists and turns. The former president, previously relatively well-loved, Lula, is now under investigation for corruption as part of the investigation. Dilma, his hand-picked successor, is the current President, who herself is not loved, mainly due to allegations of corruption and condemnation for massively mismanaging the economy.  The most recent twist was that when it became clear Lula may have to go to court,Dilma gave him a cabinet position, thus protecting him from all prosecution except from the Supreme Court, the majority of justices were selected by Lula or Dilma themselves.

An ironic twist in the cabinet position decision is actually a quote from Lula himself, made as a congressman in 1988:

“In Brazil, a poor man goes to jail when he steals, when a RICH man steals, he becomes a minister.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, this has sparked massive protests throughout the country, and the outcome is still quite unknown. Various courts are trying to try related cases, and Parliament is trying to impeach Dilma. What will happen next? Certainly worth keeping an eye on.


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