Crackdown and Dissent in China / Trump, Democracy, and China

Although Xi Jinping’s crackdown on opposition and strengthening of control is nothing new, recent steps in controlling any form of dissent, even from within the Party, are receiving high-level public backlash for the first time. Dissent has been increasing in the last few months due, for example, to mass layoffs in traditionally key industries like mining (with more to come probably), but two incidents in the last few weeks show the unhappiness is coming from those seemingly least likely to speak out, especially not publicly. It will be very interesting to see what will happen next, particularly as the Party and country today are not nearly as illiterate and easily swayed as the last time China had a leader with his own cult of personality: Mao Ze Dong.



Unsurprisingly, China’s media is having a blast with Trump’s progress in the American presidential elections. The comparisons in Western media of the candidate to Fascist leaders like Hitler and Mussolini (both of whom also gained power via democratic elections) are fueling the idea (heavily encouraged by the Chinese media establishment) that democracy doesn’t seem like a super stable or sensible way forward…



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