Tibetan Elections: Not So Meditative / China’s Pretty Media Show in Djibouti

Really interesting look into the election process of a shadow government, that of Tibetan exiles. The leader of the group is undoubtedly the Dalai Llama, but the elections are not for that position, but rather for what is essentially the vice-presidential position. One would think, given the literal and perceived moral high ground of the Tibetan cause, the elections would revolve around debates over the key issue of fighting for the the Tibetan homeland. Apparently not so much… rows instead seemed more about alcoholism of specific candidates than anything else…


China is joining the US, France, and Japan in establishing a military base in the tiny African nation of Djibouti. Unlike the other three countries, who have mostly kept their bases under the radar media-wise, China is going all out to try and make this seem like benevolent expansion, not like China is starting to flex its overseas military muscles. Will the media show fool anyone?


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