Korean Movie: “Moving On”

There is a story stained with tears of all Koreans; it involves such a traumatic part of history, that in order to honour the survivors/victims, everyone must remember and learn the tragedy instead of “moving on.” 귀향 is a Korean film produced based on the real-life stories collected from survivors of the horrendous war crime the “Comfort Women” policy, which was a mass brothel where countless Korean and Chinese girls were forcefully taken to sexually“comfort” the Imperial Japanese soldiers during World War II. They were raped at the age as young as 11, disposed easily when they got “defective” (when they got STD or got pregnant). This film encountered numerous obstacles which it painstakingly overcame over the course of 14 years of making, and it was finally released in Korea on February 24th. Starting from March 11th, this influential film 귀향 will be in the theaters — in LA Korea Town CGV, to be exact. It has English subtitles, for those who are not fluent in Korean as opposed to others.

History repeats itself.. let’s not let it be the case in this abominable and heart-ripping incident.


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