The Panama Papers

We all woke up on April 3 to a massive story on the front page of every major publication around the world: the Panama Papers. These are a collection of documents and information that constitute the single largest leak in history, detailing the various illegal and nefarious dealings of at least 100 world elites, mainly in dodging taxes and hiding personal money.

The firm from which all the information came from is based in Panama, which is notorious for being a tax haven. So far, some of the biggest revelations have been related to Russian and Icelandic politicians, and the Icelandic Prime Minister has now in fact resigned. The UK’s prime minister is increasingly coming under fire, and it’s unlikely that the political upheaval will settle soon. Interestingly, few prominent Americans are among those castigated, though that may have to do more with domestic tax havens then any inherent higher morality.


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