Weaponizing Space?

Although for the most part still more a feature in science fiction than reality, the idea of space being a weapon and battleground of great power conflict is closer than ever. This article lays out how China and the US could end up fighting in or over outer space, and what both countries are currently … More Weaponizing Space?

Forest Fires and Climate Change

Following the disaster in Fort McMurray fire Canada recently with a forest fire that caused nearly 100,000 people to evacuate, more research has come to light about the cause. The main culprit is climate change, and more information about larger-than-usual forest fires in Alaska and Siberia (both much less inhabited, therefore receiving much less attention) show … More Forest Fires and Climate Change

The Conflict Between Ethiopia and South Sudan

Although these two countries’ governments are not currently at odds, increased violence along their shared border is a problem. Violence between two different tribal groups who are mostly separated by the international border has been rising, with retaliatory attacks making locals afraid to go about their daily lives. So far the violence has been relatively small-scale, but … More The Conflict Between Ethiopia and South Sudan

Update: Brazil

I haven’t been able to post many updates over the past few days because of a MUN Conference held in Seoul, and attending that conference made me even more passionate about certain issues. Brazil’s embattled president (and by extension her party) has been in the headlines for months, and after protests, rumors, and scheduled votes to … More Update: Brazil

Australia’s Refugee Detention Policy

Australia’s long-running policy of confining illegal immigrants in detention centers in nearby island countries has been controversial for years. Now, it may also be illegal. The UN and the Papua New Guinean Supreme Court recently condemned the policy as being inhumane, and ordered the closing of the center in Papua New Guinea. This could spell the … More Australia’s Refugee Detention Policy