Korean vs. American Educational System

The world sees South Korean students as the epitome of intense.With Korea having the highest academics- related teenage suicide rates in the world (as duly noted on World Suicide Prevention Day by the Korea Health Promotion Foundation), it’s not surprising to see many people (especially Westerners) shake their heads at the staggering standards Korean schools … More Korean vs. American Educational System

Another Mass Violence

As we think about policy choices ahead, there will be a strong tendency to focus on the details leading up to Orlando. We don’t know all of [attacker] Omar Mateen’s motivations. What we do know is that rampage murderers use high-volume, rapid-firing guns. A nation cannot design a policy around what it thinks it knows about … More Another Mass Violence

Brock Turner

It appalls me to know how little conversation parents have with their children or schools have with their students about sexual consent. It’s about time to stop victim-shaming and teaching women to “cover up” and instead teach our boys the importance of consent and respect.  


What are we actually doing when we forgive people, whether that be in law, or in our personal or spiritual lives? This question has literally kept me up at night. I found this Atlantic article an insightful read, though I’m not sure it establishes a common understanding of what we mean when we say someone … More Forgiveness

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s king recently made a lot of changes to the political make-up around Saudi Arabia’s key resource: oil. Are these changes substantive or merely symbolic? What do they mean for the country’s future?


These helpful Economist charts break down what Korean reunification would look like, and therefore why it may be less likely, or even less desired, than politicians on both sides would make it seem.