Lets Fight For Animals 2

I watched as she pulled her paws to her face. As the thing we call life – was pushed and extracted from her veins.

They hung her.

And as she screamed to me. As her eyes searched the sky to find that divide. I fell to my knees. I was a coward in the moment of the dying.

It was a hard day for me. A day of death and violence. Of tears that cut to me, in the same shears they use to sever their feet. I cannot be who you want me to be. I cannot be strong enough for the silenced.

I am in a bad place right now. And cannot find the light inside me. At night I feel trapped. At night I feel – like cutting my skin to join the dying. How do you live when the sky is falling. How do you find breath, when all around you is drowning.

Blood. All I see blood.


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