Zambia has for the last few decades been seen as quietly building into an economically successful democracy, something still relatively rare in Africa. That democracy looks somewhat more shaky than it has in recent years, with the most well-known independent media source being shut down by the government a few weeks ago. Political violence has … More Zambia

Thank You

Routine can be the enemy. We get stuck in a rut of going from task to task and soon every day feels the same. It’s tunnel vision, or a mouse in a maze, or the hamster on his wheel. Never-ending sameness. But when we finally stop to breathe, we notice the little things that color … More Thank You

The Moral High Ground

An article that finally articulates many of my thoughts about American exceptionalism, American hypocrisy, American foreign policy, and how America is perceived by many other countries abroad. It may be uncomfortable to read, but these are questions worth asking, for the costs outlined here I would argue is only the tip of the iceberg. “We … More The Moral High Ground

Aftermath of Brexit

On June 23, the seemingly unthinkable happened, the majority of non-urban England (and Wales) rose up and with 52% of the national vote, caused two parties to lose their leaders, the British pound to drop to an unprecedented low, and mass chaos and confusion throughout the world, and in major cities in England, as well as … More Aftermath of Brexit

International Justice due to the Refugee Crisis

Eritrea has long-been known, as being one of the most repressive regimes in the world, right up there with North Korea. The key policy of this is the forced conscription of nearly all young people, usually for no apparent reason or official duration. For years now, these policies have been the reason that tens of … More International Justice due to the Refugee Crisis