The Moral High Ground

An article that finally articulates many of my thoughts about American exceptionalism, American hypocrisy, American foreign policy, and how America is perceived by many other countries abroad. It may be uncomfortable to read, but these are questions worth asking, for the costs outlined here I would argue is only the tip of the iceberg.

“We may in our minds still be the America of our Constitution, our forefathers and mothers, and of our freedoms. But we are also the America of Ferguson, Baton Rouge, the NRA, assault weapons, and Donald Trump.

This will cost us in a new international landscape where our rivals are countries like China. How do we promote the rule of law in the South China Sea when we have abused it in the Middle East? How do we pressure them to grant more rights to their people when we don’t seem to care about our own? How can we combat corruption globally when our own money-driven political system gives more clout to gun merchants than to those who would care for the needy and more political power to the rich than to the people at large?”


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