Thank You

Routine can be the enemy. We get stuck in a rut of going from task to task and soon every day feels the same. It’s tunnel vision, or a mouse in a maze, or the hamster on his wheel. Never-ending sameness. But when we finally stop to breathe, we notice the little things that color our life. The simple details that may not be Instagram-worthy moments, but rather give us the nudge we need to get through the day. The little things like:

  1. When your jam comes on the radio and you bust a move with your family/friends in the car.
  2. Messages from old friends. Just checking in, telling you about their new adventures, or maybe because something reminded them of you.
  3. The accomplished feeling you get after you send in an assignment that has been bugging you for a week.
  4. Finding an old photo that you forgot had been taken. Maybe stuck between the pages of a book or in a jacket pocket.
  5. Waking up without an alarm. Nowhere to be, nothing to do.
  6. Having breakfast for dinner. Because there’s just something magical about eating pancakes and bacon at night.

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