Eric Trump’s Ignorant Response

Recently, Eric Trump said that his sister Ivanka “wouldn’t allow herself” to be subjected to harassment because she’s a “strong person.” Well, here’s my response.

Is it? Is it, Eric? Is it really the matter of consent when it comes to sexual harassment? Or the matter of being a “strong person?” Could it be, that the sexual assault victims that literally hit the thousands and millions, were targeted by those heinous perpetrators because they were not “strong” enough, or they simply “allowed” themselves to be victimized? I mean, really think about it. And Eric Trump, after you give much thought to this issue with whatever is cooking in your moronic head – if you still believe SEXUAL HARASSMENT SURVIVORS ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE SUBJECTED TO ASSAULT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH.. Next time, say that to the survivors and the public without your million dollar security, and watch out for shoes and stones. Then again, you do learn from the best – your Daddy.


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