Floods in North Korea

North Korea has recently made headlines for nuclear tests, and the resultant uproar and fear those caused. Simultaneously, however, the country has been dealing with massive flooding, which it is very ill-equipped to recover from. How will the need for international humanitarian aid play into ongoing reactions to the nuclear tests? Advertisements

No More Free Media

Interesting look at how the increasingly negative attitudes towards the influx of refugees into Eastern Europe has been shaped by officially independent media outlets, and how the 2008 recession played into their ability to do so. It will be interesting to see how an unrelated push to allow national broadcasters to air beyond national borders could … More No More Free Media

Climate Change

The years of debate and contention over whether climate change in fact exists seems particularly moot now, as scientists for the first time have definitively pointed to specific natural disasters in 2016 that are proof that climate change not only exist, but that it’s tangibly effecting us now, not just the North and South poles. … More Climate Change

Exports of Islam

Interesting look at the various ways in which Saudi Arabia has been exporting extremist forms of Islam for decades. While the exportation is clear, the effects and subsequent blame is much less certain, and this article highlights both the obvious and less obvious ways this influence is being spread, and to what degree Saudi Arabia is … More Exports of Islam