Bumpy Transfer

Gambia seems to have finally sorted its crazy election aftermath out. Dictator Yayha refused to leave despite initially accepting the results, but a non-violent invasion of 7000 ECOWAS (a West African regional body) troops and the last-minute intervention of several neighbouring presidents finally convinced him to go into exile about a day after his elected … More Bumpy Transfer

A New Cold War?

Fascinating argument about how Ukraine, Syria, Estonia, and hacking all fit together, and are all part of the next global conflict: between the US and Russia. Whether you agree or not (it is an opinion piece), it is a useful perspective to consider when trying to sort out what’s happening. The most recent example of … More A New Cold War?

The Greatest Refugee Crisis

These in-depth pieces that examine different aspects of the migrant/refugee crisis that is transforming politics, economics, and more across multiple continents. First, read about the conditions in West Africa that are driving so many to travel north for opportunity. Although refugees from war-torn and authoritarian countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Eritrea often make more headlines, huge … More The Greatest Refugee Crisis