Everyone Deserves an Unguilty Thanksgiving


There’s probably no holiday more associated with food than Thanksgiving, and that’s one of the reasons why there’s probably no holiday that causes people as much stress. If you believe that eating right and avoiding foods that are bad for you are essential to health, then a huge feast isn’t something you look forward to.

If that’s the case, you’re missing the point of Thanksgiving. It’s supposed to be different. That’s what makes it special. That’s what makes it a holiday.

Your health doesn’t depend on what you eat this one day. It’s what you eat the other 364 days that counts. It’s what you do day in and day out, in terms of sustainable eating habits, that makes the difference. If you’re eating healthily the rest of the year, then nothing you do on this one day will make that much of a difference. Except, it might bring you joy. I can tell you what I’ll be doing; I’ll be having extra helpings of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and a couple pieces of pie. And whatever else my family decides to cook up this year.

I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. You should, too.


(The above advice also holds for Christmas and other end-of-year feasts, for all my non-American readers.)



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