“Who Run The World?”  (Sadly, not) girls…Yet.

Here are my thoughts on this whole “hoo-ha” regarding our “hoo-ha’s”:
Five percent of the cost for menstrual products is tax, which basically means that women are having to pay the price for being born with a healthy, well-functioning, uterus. Thankfully, women have recognized that there’s something clearly wrong with this and have begun to stand up for themselves. So, numerous petitions were created (currently with over 140,000 signatures) to draw attention to the fact that things such as “alcoholic jellies” were tax exempt, while pads – a clear necessity – were not.
So where did this all originate? I think it’s important to be observant of our society today. With a majority of males leading our society in pretty much all areas, there is a lack of understanding. The understanding that women go through this process pretty much half of their lives (40 years, to be approximate). However, I do have to say that things have improved a lot since 2016 with all the efforts from NGOs, and advocates from all over the world, as there were over 15 states that proposed debate to eliminate the tampon tax within the US and 5 other countries to vote against the tampon tax.
My biggest point is that PERIODS ARE NOT OPTIONAL. ALL WOMEN MENSTRUATE. And, that’s my biggest reason for why the whole “luxury” talk is a “hoo ha”.

For women who are barely managing to survive – whether they’re out on the streets or in prison – have no choice but to opt out of menstruation by using substitutes which are often problematic in so many ways. So in a world where condoms and pills are free of charge, I – along with hundreds of women out there – think that pads and tampons should be accessible at any time: wouldn’t you agree? It’s simply insulting to think that women have to consider pads as a luxury, as those who are making all the regulations cannot empathize with the hardship of going to work/school/day-to-day life without adequate sanitary products. Menstrual hygiene is a right, not a luxury.


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