Everyone Deserves an Unguilty Thanksgiving

There’s probably no holiday more associated with food than Thanksgiving, and that’s one of the reasons why there’s probably no holiday that causes people as much stress. If you believe that eating right and avoiding foods that are bad for you are essential to health, then a huge feast isn’t something you look forward to. … More Everyone Deserves an Unguilty Thanksgiving

The Paradise Papers

The leaks just keep on coming…the newest bunch are called the Paradise Papers, about offshore tax havens used by everyone from the Queen, to music stars, to big companies. Loads has been investigated so far, but there are some general conclusions to learn from and useful information on those interested specifically in the Russia-US-Facebook scandal.

No (Zimbab)Way

A lot has been going down in Zimbabwe, which before this week was so politically stagnant it was the butt of jokes only among policy wonks, and not even all of those. But Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Mugabe has now been forced to resign after 37 years – the entire independent history of his country – in power. … More No (Zimbab)Way

Hurricane Devastation

Two pieces looking at the impact that a chain of hurricanes has wreaked on the Caribbean in the past few weeks. The damage will take years, if not decades, to be resolved, but these islands likely don’t have that kind of time.

Kenya’s Electoral Re-Run

Kenya’s opposition has refused to accept the results of the recent presidential elections, and shockingly, the Supreme Court has now ruled the results illegitimate. There will be a new election in 60 days, which is a very short timetable. What does this mean for Kenya’s democratic institutions? How will the new election go?

Angola’s Future

Angola just had its first significant presidential election in its entire independent history. For the first time since 1979, President dos Santos was not on the ballot. As the second-longest serving president on the entire continent, his retirement marks a notable change for this oil-rich country. Who is the new leader? What does he promise to do? What are his chances of succeeding?

Facebook in China?

Facebook, long banned in China, may have found a way around the rules with a new photo app. Not sure whether or not it’s legal and not sure whether or not it’ll become popular. But interesting development in the long-running attempts of US companies to make it big in China.

Age of Conflict

The headlines certainly don’t seem to have good news, with famines, wars, protests, and unexpected politics seeming to be the norm. Now, one of the leading academics in the field of civil war studies is backing this feeling up, explaining why civil wars in fact have gotten more numerous and more violent in the last few years, … More Age of Conflict