Bless the Teens

Almost everyone who lives or works in a big city knows the feeling: You’re sitting inside a quiet subway car when the doors open and a throng of children — often on a class trip — boards the train. Your quiet car is suddenly loud and packed with people jostling for space. Sometimes, it’s worth … More Bless the Teens

Melania Knew

Dear America: Come on, you can’t be serious. The ongoing saga over a president, a porn star and a payoff is so lewd and tawdry that it can’t simply be added to the ever-expanding list of horrible misbehaviors of a womanizing misogynist. It’s not even the infidelity that most bothers me. I view that as … More Melania Knew

How to Make Peace

Three fascinating pieces on how to best construct and implement peace agreements to end civil wars. Looking at agreements from the recent past, two articles highlight certain important aspects that peace deals need to succeed, and where current efforts are failing. The other article looks at the realities of the Westphalian agreement and what might be learned from it today. … More How to Make Peace

David Leonhardt’s Take on The Pundit Fallacy

Like many people, I’m disturbed by the way congressional Republicans have dealt with two big issues affecting children in recent months. The Republicans have allowed a health-insurance program for several million low-income children to lapse and have failed to pass a bill to protect the Dreamers, a group of immigrants brought to the United States … More David Leonhardt’s Take on The Pundit Fallacy

Britain’s Nuclear Problems

Britain’s under-construction Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor is economically, politically, and scientifically controversial. This piece not only explains all of those issues, but also raises deeper questions about nuclear energy in Europe generally, and the financing and transparency of massive government infrastructure projects.

Escalation in Yemen?

Two major events have brought global eyes back to Yemen: the firing of a sophisticated missile at Saudi Arabia’s capital city, and the death of Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. “Saleh will be remembered as the man who shaped modern Yemen in his own image, but who was more willing to burn the country to the ground than … More Escalation in Yemen?

“Who Run The World?”  (Sadly, not) girls…Yet.

Here are my thoughts on this whole “hoo-ha” regarding our “hoo-ha’s”: Five percent of the cost for menstrual products is tax, which basically means that women are having to pay the price for being born with a healthy, well-functioning, uterus. Thankfully, women have recognized that there’s something clearly wrong with this and have begun to stand … More “Who Run The World?”  (Sadly, not) girls…Yet.

Everyone Deserves an Unguilty Thanksgiving

There’s probably no holiday more associated with food than Thanksgiving, and that’s one of the reasons why there’s probably no holiday that causes people as much stress. If you believe that eating right and avoiding foods that are bad for you are essential to health, then a huge feast isn’t something you look forward to. … More Everyone Deserves an Unguilty Thanksgiving

The Paradise Papers

The leaks just keep on coming…the newest bunch are called the Paradise Papers, about offshore tax havens used by everyone from the Queen, to music stars, to big companies. Loads has been investigated so far, but there are some general conclusions to learn from and useful information on those interested specifically in the Russia-US-Facebook scandal.