China and Skiing

My apologies with the inconsistent posts, I’ve been hospitalised for three weeks after getting my second knee (acl) surgery. Speaking of knee surgeries, I’ve noticed how a majority of patients at the hospital tore their hospitals from skiing. Did skiing originate in China? Some cave paintings suggest something along those lines at least, as well … More China and Skiing

Famine in War

Four countries in the world – Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen – are undergoing devastating famines, mostly caused by conflict rather than natural disasters. Still, there are wider economic forces at play that will make these famines especially difficult to deal with in both the short and long term

Purging Gay Men in Chechnya?

Being gay in any part of Russia has never been easy and has been getting more difficult over the last few years. But suddenly in the last few weeks it has become deadly for gay men in Chechnya. Multiple reports of imprisonment and torture at the hands of government actors have emerged, targeted towards specifically gay men.

Kony 2012

I remember very clearly when “Kony 2012” came out. It went viral immediately, and yet did not seem to receive a lot of critical attention, despite the many questions it raised about the charity’s role, specifically its neutrality, in the fight it purported to merely be advertising. Those questions become even more pertinent now, as … More Kony 2012

Turkey’s Referendum

The wave of referenda continues. The next one is in Turkey, where President Erdogan is hoping to get the public to vote through a set of constitutional changes that would greatly increase his power along the lines of Russia’s President Putin. There is organised opposition in the “no” camp, it remains to be seen what … More Turkey’s Referendum

Spain’s Siestas

Spain is known globally, and gently mocked globally, for its tradition of siestas and late nights. The reasons for this cultural practice are rooted more in politics than behavioural preference though, and directly caused by Spain’s fascist past.

Update: Kony 2012

My apologies on the late update, I’ve been hospitalised for a few weeks due to a torn acl and meniscus from a soccer match. Although I cannot walk, I have the ability to think and express my opinions (which I’m greatly thankful for), so here’s a post I’ve been reading about from the hospital bed … More Update: Kony 2012